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If you're an educator or educational researcher, we invite you to apply for the Lumosity Education Access Program (LEAP), which over 325 schools have received access to. You can read the requirements below.

If accepted, you'll receive free Lumosity memberships for your students. You can incorporate Lumosity into your curriculum in any way--we simply ask that you contribute to the HCP by measuring and sharing information about the efficacy of Lumosity use among your students. A full explanation is below.

Enhancement of core cognitive skills through Lumosity can provide the scaffolding to augment academic performance. Cognitive training, combined with traditional teaching strategies, can help students develop essential skills.

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Common Questions

  • How do cognitive training and Lumosity relate to me as an educator, and to my students?

    As an educator, you may not consider yourself to be a researcher. However, questions frequently arise out of classroom and learning environments about how to improve the learning experience for students. That puts you, the educator, in a position to ask the most relevant questions and pursue research projects that can reveal important insights about how to help students become better life-long learners.

    LEAP is a highly flexible program that allows you, the educator, to integrate Lumosity into your curriculum in a manner that fits your schedules.

    Lumosity's 35+ online games train core cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, speed, flexibility, and problem solving. Training is a fun, engaging way for students to enhance learning capabilities in a way different from traditional classroom activities.

  • What are the minimum requirements to apply for LEAP?
    • You must represent a not-for-profit private or public institution
    • You must work with students (of any age) in a learning environment
    • You must be willing to administer a 20-minute web-based cognitive test to your students at the beginning and end of the program
    • You must have the clearance to anonymously share gender and birthdate for each individual student
  • What are the research aspects of LEAP? Will my students and I be required to participate in all parts?

    There are two main parts to participating in the research aspects of LEAP: following an experimental design and sharing data. The most basic experimental design includes having students take a 20-minute standard online cognitive assessment at the beginning, middle, and end of program participation and having a control group that does not train with Lumosity. However, the complexity of designs can vary greatly.

    Data sharing includes sharing any additional district, statewide or national standardized tests; standardized benchmark exams; or student grades. Depending on the type of question you choose to investigate, data sharing may also include additional outcome measures such as personal inventory surveys, attendance, etc. If you and your students do not wish to participate in a particular aspect of the research program, you can indicate this during the application process.

  • How will you use my students' information?

    Respecting the privacy of your students' personal information is extremely important to us. User information is addressed by the ‚ÄčLumosity terms of service.

  • Why does Lumosity provide all these tools and services through the Human Cognition Project for free?

    The Human Cognition Project's mission is to advance neuroscience through open, collaborative research. These collaborations enable Lumosity to receive third-party validation and studies to be performed on its products. These third-party collaborations provide deep scientific insights that can drive a better understanding of human mental performance as well as paths for Lumosity to improve it.