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If you're a university-based researcher or industry-based researcher (in biotech, pharma, education, etc), we invite you to apply to the HCP. Full requirements are below.

If accepted as an HCP researcher, you'll gain access to Lumosity's cognitive tools, its assessments, and its database on human cognitive performance—the largest in the world at 500 million data points.

HCP collaborations exist at over 100 institutions, including Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. We support both experimental research—in which you design and conduct studies on the effects of computerized cognitive—as well as observational research—in which you can freely explore data from our 30 million users. A full explanation is below.

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Common Questions

  • What types of projects are part of the HCP?

    Visit our Research section to learn more about published and ongoing HCP projects.

  • What tools and data will I receive to assist my research?
    • Researcher-customized brain training is available from Lumosity's suite of 35+ cognitive exercises. To explore the exercises on a limited basis, try out Lumosity.
    • Assessments and Surveys are combinations of neuropsychological batteries to supplement Lumosity games. You can customize these assessments and access them online.
    • Data comes from the HCP database of 500 million game plays from over 30 million unique users on These anonymized data reveal mass performance on neuropsychiatric assessments and enable correlations with user demographics. You'll also receive reports that include performance and compliance information on the participants in your studies.
  • What do you look for in an HCP research collaborator?

    Note that the following list is not required, but it is preferred.

    • Industry-Based Researchers
      • Employment by the research and development arm of a company
    • Project Considerations that make for a more attractive candidacy to the HCP
      • Introduces a new technology or innovation
      • Possesses rare personnel expertise
      • Provides access to scientifically compelling subject population
    • University-Based Researchers:
      • University affiliation (faculty member, postdoc, graduate student, undergraduate)
    • Project Considerations that make for a more attractive candidacy to the HCP
      • Includes a testable hypothesis that is novel and builds on previous work (done by the collaborator or others in the field)
      • Includes hypothesized mechanism for training improvements
      • Includes pre- and post-test
      • Includes outcome measures of cognitive and/or real world transfer
      • Sufficient sample size for the expected statistical power of the study
      • Thoughtfully designed control group
  • Why does Lumosity provide all these tools and services to the Human Cognition Project for free?

    The Human Cognition Project's mission is to advance neuroscience through open, collaborative research. These collaborations enable Lumosity to receive third-party validation and studies to be performed on its products. These third-party collaborations provide deep scientific insights that can drive a better understanding of human mental performance as well as paths for Lumosity to improve it.

  • How are data and authorship handled in these collaborations?

    As a researcher, you gain direct access to Lumosity tools, assessments, and data generated from your study. For studies investigating the efficacy of Lumosity, Lumosity asks only for an acknowledgment but does not expect co-authorship. If the study is of a more general nature investigating mechanisms of cognition, authorship will likely be shared more evenly. For more information, please see the Lumosity terms of service​​​.