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Jan 11, 2016

A letter to our members on the FTC settlement

Dear Lumosity members,

Thank you for helping us make 2015 an amazing year for Lumosity. With your support, we continue to invest in our products, conduct scientific research, and strive to be on the cutting edge of bringing science and technology together. As you may be aware, we recently settled a Federal Trade Commission inquiry regarding certain advertising language from past marketing campaigns. We made the decision to settle in order to focus on what is most important to us:

Delivering engaging cognitive training products to our 70 + million members and promoting innovation within the field of cognitive training.

It is important to note that this settlement does not speak to the rigor of our research or the quality of our products. We proudly stand behind the Lumosity product that millions of our members train with each month.

We are also inspired by our 100+ research partners who have chosen to use Lumosity and our cognitive assessments in their research. This research includes several studies funded by the National Institutes of Health; partnerships with leading healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies; and innovative registries operated by leading universities around the world that are working to unlock future research opportunities to support brain health.

Lumosity draws on research that has developed over decades, but we are at the forefront of a new and rapidly innovating field, which means there is a lot we don't yet know. Although scientists continue to debate how to conduct and interpret research in this area, there have been many promising results with our product and others — and we are committed to advancing research on the possibilities of cognitive training.

For example, in the past year we published two important studies:

  • A large-scale, randomized, controlled trial to measure the effects of Lumosity training in healthy adults, using crossword puzzles as a control, was published in PLOS ONE in August 2015. The study reported that participants who trained with Lumosity for 10 weeks improved on an aggregate assessment of cognition.
  • In November, we published a paper investigating the reliability and validity of our NeuroCognitive Performance Test (NCPT), in Frontiers in Psychology.

Going forward, a key focus of our ongoing research is to build on these studies to better understand how training-driven improvements on tests of cognition translate to performance in participants' everyday lives.

Thank you for your continued support. We are excited about the road ahead for Lumosity, our research partners, and the promises of cognitive training.

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