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Lumosity Blog
Sep 30, 2016

Explore Lumosity's Labs Tab

At Lumosity we’ve always been dedicated to creating innovative tools to help our members. While brain training remains our bread and butter, we’re now creating new experiences to diversify your training program — and help our scientists explore new directions.

If you’re a Premium Member, you can test these features in our Labs Tab -- just click “Labs” at the top of your Lumosity homepage.

Labs serves as a sandbox for Premium Members to try out new features, games, and experiences before they’re ready for wider release. These experiences are experimental, so don’t be surprised if they change, break and even disappear.

At the moment there are three Labs features for you to explore: Training Roulette, FitBit sync and Lumosity Break.

Training Roulette

Can’t decide what game you’re in the mood for? Let Training Roulette pick a game for you to play at random. Our team plans to use the data gathered from Training Roulette to make improvements to games and the overall training experience.

FitBit + Lumosity

Now you can sync your FitBit with your Lumosity training. Our scientists often wonder how different lifestyle factors like physical activity impact your Lumosity experience, and we also know that many of our members are interested in tracking their Lumosity performance against their physical activity. We hope this integration leads to valuable, actionable insights.

Lumosity Break

Lumosity Break is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to play a single Lumosity game when you open a new tab — without having to sign in. Staying on top of your training is now as easy as surfing the web.

Each time a new Labs feature becomes available, a small notification flag will appear next to the Labs Tab. Your comments will help inform future directions for our teams to pursue, so be sure to let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter or by writing to us through the Help Desk. We hope you enjoy our new Labs Tab, and stay tuned for additional features!

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