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We transform science into delightful games

For decades, researchers have created tasks that measure cognitive abilities. We've adapted some of these tasks and made some of our own, creating 50+ cognitive games.

Scientists delve into research

Our scientists work side-by-side with our designers. They make sure each game maintains the core mechanics of the original task designed to challenge a specific cognitive skill.

Game Designers bring to life

Our designers and developers add exciting game features and themes while making sure each game is accessible, engaging, and challenging to people of all ages.

More games, more ways to train

We offer a variety of challenges to keep your training fresh and fun


Challenge your Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility, and Problem Solving skills.


Add, subtract, multiply your way through our collection of calculation and estimation games.


Practice your prose with games that target Vocabulary, Verbal Fluency, and Reading Comprehension.

Our scientists research the efficacy of Lumosity

We conducted a randomized study on Lumosity, using crossword puzzles as an active control.

What we did

Our scientists had 4,715 participants complete the study. Half trained with Lumosity, while the rest did online crossword puzzles to control for placebo effects.

What we found

After 10 weeks, the Lumosity group improved more than the crosswords group on an aggregate assessment of cognition.

Next questions

These results are promising, but we need to do more research to determine the connection between improved assessment scores and everyday tasks in participants' lives. That's our next focus.

We collaborate with the scientific community

We work with 100+ researchers worldwide, many of whom we give free access to our brain training tools — helping them research new areas in human cognition.

Free access to Lumosity training

Online cognitive assessments

Guidance on data analysis

Online surveys for participants

Join us on a mission to advance the understanding of human cognition

85 Million brain trainers in 182 countries challenge their brains with Lumosity — and we're honored to learn from this vibrant global community.