Lumosity's Human Cognition Project is a collaborative effort to accelerate the pace of cognitive research

The Human Cognition Project (HCP) is a collaboration between Lumosity’s in-house science team and various academic scientists, clinicians, and educators interested in understanding and exploring human cognitive abilities.

HCP researchers receive free access to Lumosity’s tools and, in certain cases, limited access to select portions of Lumosity’s database of cognitive game performance. Currently, there are 43 ongoing HCP studies exploring topics such as age-related cognitive decline, interventions for PTSD, and the relationship between physical exercise and Lumosity training.

The Research Behind Lumosity

Learn about the science behind Lumosity's training program. Read peer-reviewed articles and find out about ongoing research from HCP collaborators.

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Get Involved in the HCP

Researchers, educators, and clinicians are invited to submit a research proposal and apply to the HCP today. We also seek study volunteers.

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