Recent News

Apr 20

NEW Insight: Disillusion

Starting today, Lumosity subscribers can play Disillusion to unlock an in-depth analysis of their game performance.

Apr 20

Fluent in Feedback: How Our Members Make Our Language Games Better

Now that we’ve launched our new Language category of games, we’d like to share some of our favorite member feedback and show how it’s actually helped us make these games better.

Apr 13

How We Write the Stories in Contextual, Our New Reading Comprehension Game

Dr. Seuss, Toni Morrison, Niccolò Paganini, Jean-Paul Sartre: these are just a few visionaries you might learn about in Contextual, one of our new language games that challenges reading comprehension.

Apr 06

Introducing Lumosity's New Language Games

Our new Language category is the culmination of a concerted effort from the Lumosity Games and Applied Science teams to conceptualize, research, develop, and polish a suite of five word games that allow our community to practice and engage their English vocabulary.

Mar 16

Meet Lumosity's Research Team

At Lumosity, our Research team includes an Applied Science team, a Clinical Science team, and a Data Science team, and they are all integral to ensuring that research remains an essential ingredient in our work. 

Mar 09

Wyss Institute and Lumos Labs Launch Research Collaboration on Memory of High Performing Individuals

Personal Genome Project will integrate brain training tests to help identify key memory genes towards understanding neurodegeneration 

Mar 07

Organic Order: A New Problem Solving Game

Problem solving game Organic Order is now available across our web and mobile platforms. Learn more about how and why we made this logic game, as well as what we discovered along the way. 

Mar 03

NEW Insight: Lost in Migration

Today, we launched a brand new Insight for Lost in Migration. The Insight takes a closer look at how you filter information, providing an analysis of how distracting information affects your performance on the game.

Feb 21

Brandon Stander Joins Lumosity as Vice President of Marketing

Brandon Stander, experienced digital and product marketer to head marketing at Lumosity.

Feb 16

Train of Thought: A Closer Look at Lumosity’s Most Popular Game

Within a week of launching, Train of Thought became Lumosity’s most popular game. No one could have anticipated the game’s massive success with users — in fact, Train of Thought almost never got made.

Jan 31

NEW Insight: Train of Thought and Planning

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our new Train of Thought Insight. Train of Thought is our most popular game, so we wanted to give our users a richer game experience with an actionable analysis of their training. 

Jan 10

Tracking Your New Year's Resolution with Lumosity Insights

How can you use Lumosity Insights to keep your New Year's Resolution? We have some tips.

Jan 05

Lumosity's UX Director on How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Have you made any New Year's Resolutions? Whether your 2017 goals are related to Lumosity training or not, our UX Director has some thoughts on how you can make this the year you stick with them!

Dec 22

New Game Alert: Masterpiece — Plus a Holiday Surprise for Free Members!

Just in time for the holidays, we're excited to announce the newest addition to the Lumosity Games Library: Masterpiece! Free members have unlimited access to the new game through December 31st.

Dec 16

Introducing Workout Modes: Training Tailored to You

For the first time, Workout Modes lets you decide how you train on any given day: Classic Mode, Favorites Mode, Strengthen Mode, or Quick Mode.

Dec 07

Giving Back With Our Corporate Social Responsibility Team

Lumosity's Corporate Social Responsibility team provides opportunities to responsibly and effectively give back to our wider community. 

Dec 02

Lumosity at the 2016 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

This year’s conference was held on November 12-16 in San Diego and the team exhibited four posters, sharing preliminary findings from certain research on Lumosity and the NeuroCognitive Performance Test.

Nov 21

Speed Pack: Bringing Thurstone's Punched Holes Task to Life

Traveling for the holidays? The sometimes puzzle-like quality of packing a suitcase inspired the design of our game Speed Pack.

Nov 16

Lumosity Goes Beyond Brain Training to Launch Cognitive Insights

Insights analyses draw upon database of 4 billion games played