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Apr 25

Lumosity Explained: Interpreting Cognitive Training Research VIDEO

In this video, Dr. Bob Schafer, Ph.D., Head of Research at Lumos Labs, offers some tips for how you can interpret studies of cognitive training.

Apr 25

Lumosity Explained: Does Lumosity Work? (VIDEO)

Dr. Bob Schafer, Ph.D., Head of Research at Lumos Labs, tackles one of the biggest questions we get: does Lumosity work? Or: what does Lumosity make you better at?

Apr 25

Lumosity Explained: What is Lumosity? (VIDEO)

Dr. Bob Schafer, Ph.D., Head of Research at Lumos Labs, walks us through a brief overview of what brain training is and what the Lumosity training program looks like.

Apr 25

The Science Behind Train of Thought

Since launching in 2013, Train of Thought has been our most popular game: it’s been played half-a-billion times by 20 million people. We know people love Train of Thought, in part because it’s just a lot of fun. But what about the science behind the game?

Apr 24

Lumosity Grants Unlimited, Free Access to Their Most Popular Game

Attention game Train of Thought has been played half-a-billion times by 20 million people

Nov 17

21st Century Skills and Lumosity

At Lumosity, we believe finding opportunities to challenge yourself across a range of skills is important. With Lance Vikaros, our Director of Games Systems Design, we take a look at how Lumosity may overlap with the World Economic Forum's "21st Century Skills."

Nov 08

NEW Insight: Explore Your Lumosity Community

Have you ever wondered what your Lumosity Community looks like? Our new Insight gives you a peek behind the curtain to understand trends in your community and how you compare to other players around the world.

Oct 17

Behind the Game: Halve Your Cake

Learn more about how we made our new Math game, Halve Your Cake, which challenges proportional reasoning.

Oct 03

Lumosity Launches New Math Games Category

The new category follows Language games launch as company expands into educational content

Sep 19

NEW Game Alert: Word Snatchers

Love Lumosity Language games? You're in luck: Word Snatchers is our newest game to practice and polish your vocabulary.

Sep 06

NEW Insight: What Occupation Matches Your Lumosity Strengths and Weaknesses?

Our data science team is always looking for unique ways to interpret Lumosity game scores, and for our eighth Insight they mapped members' game strengths and weaknesses to different occupations.

Aug 23

More Education Linked to Better Cognitive Functioning Later in Life

Study led by University of California, Berkeley researchers examined relationships between educational attainment, cognitive performance and learning in 196,000 Lumosity subscribers

Aug 01

NEW Game Alert: Pirate Passage

Can you navigate your ship to collect the treasure without running into any pirates? You'll have to consider your route carefully in new game, Pirate Passage.

Jul 12

Lumosity Glossary: Verbal Fluency

Learn more about verbal fluency, the skill challenged in Word Bubbles, and find out fun facts like which letter is the most common initial letter in English!

Jul 05

How We Chose the Six Authors Featured in the New Word Bubbles Insight

Agatha Christie, Stephen Covey, Stephen Hawking, Martin Luther King, Jr., J.K. Rowling, William Shakespeare: all iconic writers and all represented in our new Word Bubbles Insight. Of all the many writers in the world, though, how did our team narrow down the list and choose these six authors for the Insight?

Jun 29

Lumosity Launches New Insight That Reveals Which Author You're Most Like

The Word Bubbles Insight combines new product offerings from Lumosity responsible for improved engagement in 2017

Jun 21

Lumosity Glossary: Logical Reasoning

Exploring logical reasoning, the cognitive skill challenged in our newest game, Fuse Clues.

May 31

NEW Game: Fuse Clues

Checked the Lumosity Games library recently? We launched a new Problem Solving game on web and mobile, Fuse Clues. In the game, you must use your logical reasoning skills to fix a power outage in an apartment building. 

May 25

Meet Ben Katz: HCP Collaborator

Meet Ben Katz, a researcher who uses Lumosity tools to investigate how individual differences affect cognitive training. 

May 17

Pet Detective: Behind the Game

What do FedEx, algebra, and puppy-loving Lumosity players have in common? They all factored into the development of Pet Detective, one of our most popular games. 

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