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Nov 8, 2017

NEW Insight: Explore Your Lumosity Community

Have you ever wondered what the Lumosity community looks like? How about how your community — say, San Francisco — compares to players in Tokyo? With over 85 million members in around 180 countries, the overall Lumosity community is far-flung and diverse, and our new Community Insight lets you peek behind the curtain to learn more about your Lumosity community.

We’re inspired every day by the Lumosity community’s perseverance and dedication, and our hope is that you’ll be inspired by some of the data you’ll find in the new Community Insight, too. After playing a set of five games, you’ll unlock the Insight and discover neat stats about your Lumosity community: the average LPI, strongest Lumosity cognitive area, average number of gameplays per user, and longest training streak, as well as average sleep and mood, in your community. From these stats, you’ll get a sense of the vibrancy of your Lumosity community; whether you’re in San Francisco or Tokyo, you’re not training in isolation, but part of a unique community of fellow Lumosity players.

You might also discover a sense of healthy competition. Although your Community Insight will default to showing you stats for your specific community, you’ll be able to search for other communities. Moreover, you can also click on each stat to reveal Top 100 rankings. How does your community’s average LPI compare to that in Germany? What other communities also excel in Problem Solving? Can you find the community getting even more sleep than yours? The Insight also calls out what might make your community unique — for instance, if you’re in the Top 25 communities for number of gameplays in the last 24 hours.

All of the stats you see in the Community Insight are updated in real-time. This gives you the opportunity to see how your daily training can make a difference to your community, though the size of the difference may depend on how big and active your specific community is.

Ready to explore your Lumosity community? The Lumosity Community Insight is exclusively available to subscribers and can be found in the Insights tab on both web and mobile. Stay tuned for some fun findings from our data scientists’ work on this Insight, as well, by following Lumosity on Facebook and Twitter.

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