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Daily exercise for your mind

Work out with a fresh set of games each day to keep you challenged. Detailed progress tracking helps maintain your brain training habit.

Scientific rigor, made fun

Lumosity takes scientifically-validated tasks and turns them into fun games, actionable feedback, and rich insights into your cognition.

Sharpen the skills you use every day

Memory. Attention. Flexibility. Processing Speed. Problem Solving. Lumosity targets the skills that matter to you most.

Brain training tailored to you

No matter your age or skill level, Lumosity knows that all brains are different, and our program adapts to your unique strengths and weaknesses.

Train your brain with cognitive, vocabulary, and math games.

Science. That feels like games.

Our scientists take cognitive training exercises developed by leading researchers, and then adapt them into easy-to-learn brain games.
50+ brain games created by scientists and game designers.

10 years, 100 million members


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"I’ve learned a lot from Lumosity about how my mind works depending on how much sleep I’ve had, how much exercise I get, and how much my mood affects my mental functions."

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Judy, Washington

"My maths efficiency has really improved so much since I have been playing every day. I used to think I was awful at maths but it turns out I am not too shabby after all!"

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Lynette, London

Brain games for your computer, Android, iPhone and iPad.
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Train on all of your devices

Whether you’re jump-starting your morning, or waiting for the bus, you can train anytime, anywhere.

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Download Figment

Build a creative practice by experimenting with music, art, writing and more. Download our newest app, Figment, to jumpstart your creativity with new daily activities.

Introducing Lumosity Mind

Mindfulness, meet science. Find greater relaxation, focus, and sleep through our new Mindfulness app, designed by the experts at Lumosity.

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Lumos Labs conducted a randomized study of Lumosity brain training, and participants were instructed to train five days per week, for fifteen minutes each day. After ten weeks of training, Lumosity users improved more than the control group on our assessments of working memory, short term memory, processing speed, and overall cognitive function.