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Jan 16, 2019

The reviews are in for new memory game, Memory Serves

Nelson Dellis, a four-time memory champ, knows the key to memory is practice — and practice is difficult unless you find something you actually enjoy to exercise your working memory. That’s one reason he’s giving Memory Serves, the new memory game from Lumosity, 9 out of 10 stars. Get the full review from Nelson Dellis, see the game in action, and try it for free now.

Memory Serves is nostalgic fun.

You play a hotel bellhop who has to recall where to deliver luggage. As the game gets more difficult, users need to keep track of more objects (luggage) and more types of objects (colors/shapes of luggage).

Play with purpose.

We rely on our memory every single day, so why not exercise it with some productive playtime. Anyone who wants to challenge and exercise their Memory Updating, a component of Working Memory, will enjoy this new game.

What others are saying about Memory Serves:

"Memory Serves is my new favorite game!" - Christopher B. from Austin, Texas

"I enjoy the memory games and look forward to the challenge! They make me pay attention and focus on quick memory strategies." - Moira N. from Nelson, New Zealand

"I love these memory games! It is giving me more confidence in my memory. THANK YOU." Rosa G from Bega Valley Shire, Australia

"I enjoy the daily challenge to strengthen my working memory!" PRS from Southwest Harbor, Maine

Try Memory Serves for free today on any device!

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