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Jun 12, 2023

Join Us For The 2023 USA Memory Championship

Founded in 1997, the USA Memory Championship is a family-run event, sanctioned by MIT, and proudly sponsored by Lumosity and Memory League. Founded on the principle that anyone can train and improve their Memory skills, we welcome competitors of all experience levels and abilities to join.

This occasion not only challenges the mind but also fosters a strong sense of community among competitors. Many first-time participants are often surprised at their achievements and find themselves returning year after year. This not only fuels their motivation but also celebrates the continuous journey of strengthening their Memory and honing mnemonic techniques.

Several Lumosity members just like yourself have even found themselves going all the way to the Final Championship!

The Qualifying Event will consist of 2 rounds of familiar Lumosity games, followed by 3 stimulating rounds of “classic” memorization challenges (words, numbers, and images) hosted by Memory League.

Excited to give it a shot? Register by July 15th, 2023, and be sure to sign up before June 15th to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount. Once registered, the championship event team will equip you with all the necessary instructions on how to prepare and participate.

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Where can I register? https://www.usamemorychampionship.com/registration/

Who can compete? Any legal US resident aged 13+

What are the events? There will be 5 rounds of competition: 2 familiar Lumosity games, and 3 classic memory events hosted by Memory League. The 3 classic events will challenge you to remember a series of random words, images, and numbers, respectively. Once you sign up, you’ll receive instructions on how to practice for the 3 classic events.

Is there a winner? From this first round, a select number of competitors (at least 10) will move onto the final championship, which will be hosted by Full Sail University on September 23rd, 2023, in Winter Park, FL, where individuals will compete for the USA Champion title and the honorable Seahorse Trophy.

Why is the trophy a seahorse? The area of the brain primarily responsible for memory, the hippocampus, just so happens to be shaped like a seahorse!

What to expect on the Qualifying competition day?

  1. All competitors will join a Zoom link on July 29th, 2023 at 11:30 am EST/PST. The link will be provided to you via an email from the USA Memory Championship Team.
  2. For the Lumosity portion of the event, you will sign into your Lumosity account where you will have special access to the Championship Games.
  3. For the Memory League portion, you will sign into your existing Memory League account, or into an account that will be provided to you by the USA Memory Championship Team.
  4. Following the 5 events, competitor rankings will be shared and Final Championship Qualifiers will be announced.

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