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Dec 8, 2020

2020 Virtual USA Memory Championship

This year’s USA Memory Championship gathered a warm community of Lumosity players, formally-trained mental athletes, and memory experts. The result: a clear demonstration that our memories are capable of much more than we might imagine.

See how well you can keep up with the video! Maybe YOU could be our next champion.

Try these games yourself: Play Memory Match Overdrive and Rotation Matrix

Who qualifies for the championship?

Anyone can participate! This year contestants played Memory Match Overdrive and Rotation Matrix to determine who would go on to the 3rd and final rounds. Take a look at the top 10 scores from the qualifying rounds. We’ve made these games free for 3 days, so you can practice, too.*

*Note that Memory Match Overdrive’s scores may differ on mobile and that Rotation Matrix is only available for the computer.

Try your skills!

USAMC Top10 Lumosity

Curious how we arrived at the rankings?

Each game rank is awarded on a curve where the highest scorer earned 100 points toward their competition score. So, for Rotation Matrix, the person with the high 73,500 score got 100, and someone who got half that score would earn 50 points. Basically, each event was graded on a curve.

In the second event raw scores are also converted to championship scores. Then, the championship scores for games 1 and 2 are added together to determine the final rank.

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