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Apr 20, 2017

NEW Insight: Disillusion

Lumosity Insights are personalized, actionable analyses intended to help you get the most out of your training experience, and for the sixth Insight, we’re giving you more than ever before. Starting today, Lumosity subscribers can play Disillusion to unlock an in-depth analysis of their game performance.

Disillusion is a Flexibility game that challenges task switching. Task switching is the process of adapting to changing circumstances and switching from one goal to another. In Disillusion, you’re asked to match tiles based on their orientation: horizontal tiles need to be placed next to tiles with a matching symbol, while vertical tiles must be placed with tiles that match their color. The game is timed, so the quicker you assess whether you’re matching based on symbol or color — and then act accordingly — the better your score.

Are you someone who tends to focus on placing each tile correctly? Then you’re an accurate player. Or maybe you’re a strategic player, more interested in placing tiles to optimize how many tiles you match in one move. You might also be a steady player, who works at an even-keel. In the new Disillusion Insight, you’ll discover what type of player you are — and be able to track your playing style over time. Every time you visit the Insight, you’ll receive a breakdown of how accurate, strategic, and steady you were in your last Disillusion game, as well.

With each new Insight, we’ve strived to provide more and more deep analyses, and the Disillusion Insight takes this coaching a step further. Now, if you play Disillusion and then visit the Insight, you’ll see an example taken from your last game, showing you where you placed a tile versus where you could have placed a tile to improve your score.

“Our goal with Insights is to make them increasingly personalized, so the information you’re getting is really relevant and meaningful,” explained Steve Berkowitz, CEO. “The Disillusion Insight delivers on this promise, and we’re excited to build on this innovation in upcoming Insights.”

We launched the first Insights in November 2016 with the hopes of deepening users’ experience with Lumosity. The Disillusion Insight joins game-specific Insights for Ebb and Flow, Train of Thought, and Lost in Migration, as well as a Strengths analysis and Monthly Gains and Drops tracker. Additional game-specific Insights are slated for release in the coming months.

Currently, Lumosity Insights are exclusively available to subscribers. Ready to unlock the new Disillusion Insight? Play the game five times here or on your mobile app, then check the “Insights” tab.

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