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Dec 16, 2016

Introducing Workout Modes: Training Tailored to You

As Lumosity has grown to over 85 million registered users, we’ve always believed that the future of cognitive training would be increasingly personal. All of our users have diverse situations and goals that they bring to their Lumosity experience, and we want training to reflect that. To that end, we’ve been rolling out new features, like Insights, that aim to deepen your personal relationship with Lumosity. The newest feature? Workout Modes, which we launched this week exclusively for subscribers.

For the first time, Workout Modes lets you choose how you play Lumosity on any given day. Heretofore, our algorithm designed daily workouts for you based on your training habits and preferences you shared with us at sign-up, or what we’re now calling the “Classic Mode.” But now, you can choose between Classic Mode and three other different workouts every day:

  • Favorites Mode: A workout culled from the games you play the most;
  • Strengthen Mode: A workout that targets your weakest games and lets you work on raising your lowest scores;
  • Quick Mode: A shortened workout — still five games, but five of our shortest ones — that takes just eight minutes or less, for busy players who need flexibility to build their Lumosity streak.

With these Workout Modes, we’re excited to put you in charge of your Lumosity experience. Feeling up for a tough challenge one day? Choose Strengthen Mode. Have a busy day the next? Fit in a workout with Quick Mode. We know all of your needs are different -- they may even change from day to day -- and Workout Modes will tailor your training to help meet those needs.

The Workout Modes feature is now live across our web and mobile platforms. You can start training your way at http://www.lumosity.com or by downloading our iOS or Android app.

Happy training!

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