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Sep 6, 2017

NEW Insight: What Occupation Matches Your Lumosity Strengths and Weaknesses?

Our data science team is always looking for unique ways to interpret Lumosity game scores, and for our eighth Insight they mapped members’ game strengths and weaknesses to different occupations.

The team started with game performance data from 3.8 million Lumosity users who’d self-reported their occupation. From there, our data scientists were able to identify certain patterns that seemed characteristic of nine different occupations: Law, Engineering, Military, Health & Medicine, Art & Design, Finance, Research & Development, Management and Education. For instance, our members who work in Art & Design seem to be stronger at visual search in our game Star Search, but weaker at the quantitative reasoning in Chalkboard Challenge, while those in Law professions tend to be stronger at logical reasoning in Organic Order and weaker at visual search in Star Search.

In the Insight, you’ll see which of the nine occupations your profile most closely matches, as well as how you stack up against the other eight professions. As explained in the new Insight, “Your own strengths and weaknesses are adjusted for your age and the number of times that you've played each game. Your match scores were determined by comparing your game strength rankings with the average rankings from each occupation. Similarities in strengths and weaknesses result in higher match scores. Lumosity strengths become clearer as you train more, so you can expect your results to become more stable over time.”

This is our eighth Insight and the first to explore how your cognitive patterns may relate to lifestyle factors beyond the games. To find your Occupation match, visit the Insights tab for the list of eight games you’ll need to play — the data from your game performance will determine the initial rankings. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter: which occupation is your profile most similar to? The least?

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