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Oct 5, 2015

Behind the Scenes with Lumosity's Customer Support Team

This week is National Customer Service week, and at Lumosity we feel very privileged to work with a Customer Support team that is dedicated, innovative and always pushing the boundaries of what customer service means.

With 17 team members, our Customer Support team is one of the largest teams at Lumosity. Much of the team is made up of agents, responsible for essential one-on-one communications with users. These agents work tirelessly responding to customer inquiries -- although the team aims to reply to each inquiry within one business day, their average response time is much quicker, at around eight hours. Beyond replying quickly, agents are also focused on making sure everyone who writes in with a question is satisfied with the help they receive. Right now, the team has a high satisfaction rate, but they’re determined to improve upon their benchmarks. The team reviewed and analyzed data around the factors that most influence customer satisfaction and have introduced a new training program based on their findings. Additionally, agents pen the articles found in our Help Center to answer the most common questions they receive and to help users troubleshoot.

But, as one agent put it, “People may be surprised to know how much time CS spends outside of answering emails, working on the Lumosity product. We spend a large amount of time assessing user feedback, researching bugs, testing out the user experience, playing and understanding games, and coming up with solutions for user pain points.”

As the link between Lumosity users and the Product team, our Customer Support team brings invaluable insights into what changes will have the biggest impact on our members’ positive experience with Lumosity.

“We’re really focused not just on one-on-one interactions with Lumosity members, but also on advocating for them behind the scenes,” explained another team member.

The Product team often makes important changes based on the Customer Support team’s advice, but other times the Support Team takes a more DIY-approach. In addition to agents, the Customer Support team includes developers, designers and product managers.

“By having developers, designers and PMs on the team, we’ve been able to conceive and implement some important changes from start-to-finish,” one team member said. “Our goal is to understand what our customers need and address it proactively.”

In particular, the Customer Support team is focused on introducing small changes that make help more readily available throughout a user’s Lumosity experience. For instance, the Support team often receives questions from users about logging in, and they wondered if they could improve user satisfaction by improving the login process. The team introduced a seemingly tiny change -- they reworded error messages and added links for additional help to the login form -- and has already seen improvements in login success rates and engagement with our games.

The Customer Support team is excited to build on this success and continue investigating ways to advocate for users behind the scenes. Across the team, there’s a consensus that the most rewarding part of the job is seeing the impact their work -- from responding to emails to introducing product changes -- has on Lumosity users.

“I love figuring out the solution to a problem, and helping users with these solutions,” one agent said. “The happiness users express is contagious! There is nothing like the satisfaction of finding and solving a problem.”

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