Quick Company Stats


Founded in 2007


160 employees in San Francisco


85 million users

It started with a desire to make a bigger impact

Lumosity is a brain training program with over 85 million users and 4 billion games played. In addition to improving Lumosity, we’re also creating new products that combine science, engineering and design to help people manage sleep, practice mindfulness, and more.

Join a company built around values

As Lumosity has grown, we’ve thought deeply about how to stay true to what really matters. Our 3 core values shape our open spaces, influence our meetings, and keep us motivated.


We understand & improve

We’re more than just smart — we’re also perpetually curious. We never consider our work done because we challenge ourselves to find better and better solutions. We innovate quickly, test intelligently, and always end up with something a little more extraordinary.

  • Small, self-sufficient teams that function like mini startups
  • Hack sprints for anybody to prototype new ideas

We trust & learn from each other

A whole floor of Lumosity is dedicated to purely collaborative spaces — that’s how much we care about working together. We know success stems from a willingness to debate ideas with confident but open minds. The more we pool our strengths, the faster we’ll learn.

  • Weekly all-hands lunches for anyone to present on their work
  • 85% of leads and managers are promoted from within

We take the work seriously, not ourselves

We challenge ourselves to do exceptional work, but we want to enjoy the journey too. We cherish quirks and support unique ways of thinking. This is a safe space in which to share ideas, tell jokes, and build something amazing together.

  • Activity groups for community service, racket sports, philosophy, tinkering, EDM, climbing, ukulele — and lots more
  • Regular team bonding events

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