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Math games made easy

Divide and conquer your way through a variety of Math challenges.

Challenge your skills with everyday math games and calculation challenges. Our games let you play with proportions, estimation, and probability to exercise your numerical reasoning. Play at home or on the go today!

Top That

Pick the most expensive prizes to exercise your quick estimation skills.

Magic Chance

Exercise your probabilistic reasoning by matching the pattern of cards needed fo...

Halve Your Cake

Exercise your proportional reasoning skills by measuring ingredients for delicio...

Chalkboard Challenge

Chalkboard Challenge trains quantitative reasoning to help with decision-making....


Raindrops exercises arithmetic, which is part of your set of problem-solving ski...

The Math skills you'll train

Proportional reasoning, arithmetical reasoning, and the numerical estimation are math skills that we use when we convert measurements, calculate discounts, or eyeball bills for accuracy. Lumosity makes training these skills so enjoyable that it's easy to forget you're practicing math.

14 years, 100 million members


4.7 rating on iOS App Store

"I am surprised and delighted by your games. I appreciate the variety and multiplicity of games and the feeling of personalization. The daily workouts are welcome, more fun than push ups, and they make my day go even better."

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Mary, New Jersey

"I really like this app. Lots of great games and it comes with tutorials that help you understand the game. I love the Insights I receive every time I train. It's also nice that I get to choose what to play."

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Rashmi, California