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  • About Lumosity

    Lumosity is a leading brain training program, brought to you by Lumos Labs, Inc. Lumosity’s web and mobile games are designed by scientists to challenge core cognitive abilities.

    Lumosity’s scientists take neuropsychological and cognitive research tasks, or design new ones, and work with game designers to transform them into 50+ cognitive games. Designed to be both fun and adaptively challenging, Lumosity’s training program is accessible to people of all ages — helping them stay challenged to the full extent of their abilities.

    Lumos Labs also has a collaborative research initiative, the Human Cognition Project, which currently partners with over 90 university collaborators. Through the HCP, we grant qualified researchers free access to Lumosity’s cognitive training tasks, assessments, research tools, and, in some cases, limited access to data on cognitive task performance — helping them conduct larger, faster, and more efficient studies. For more information, please visit

  • Fast Facts
    • Founded: 2005, launched 2007
    • Location: San Francisco, CA
    • CEO: Steve Berkowitz
    • Employees: ∼130
    • Games: 50+ on web, 25+ on mobile
    • Users: Over 85 million registered users worldwide from 182 countries
    • Games played: Over 3 billion games played
    • Mobile: 35+ million downloads of iOS & Android apps
    • Human Cognition Project: 100+ researchers, 60+ Projects, 8+ Countries
    • Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese
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